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DJ Dynamic is a Toronto rave icon. Performing regularly since 2005, Dynamic is known for his high-energy sets, creative  cross-genre mixing, and uplifting vibe.

This ace-of-all-trades has been involved in every element of the rave community. He has run a record label and produced his own music. As an event promoter, he's been responsible for some of the global undeground rave community's most memorable events, including the Total Request Rave series - the world's only fully interactive rave experience.

But it is as a performer that Dynamic has truly mastered the art: spinning on up to four decks at once, MCing over his own mixes, creating live mashups on the fly, and bringing an eclectic mix of genres and tunes together in a spontaneous and joyful celebration of rave culture with every set.

Dynamic's unique skills and unmatched stage presence have made him one of the world's most sought-after rave performers. He's performed in almost every major city in North America; done numerous tours of the UK; and been booked in European rave hotspots such as Ibiza and Lloret De Mar. He has performed with just about every world-class hardcore DJ on the planet. He's even reached beyond traditional rave and festival venues, including tours with Tom Morello, Anti-Flag, Evangeline Lilly, and other A-list artists.

Today, Dynamic splits his time between advocacy, family life, & community organizing - but he's never lost sight of his love of rave music. He continues to take bookings for shows he is particularly interested in, organize events in Toronto, and support the growing underground rave community.  In particular, he has worked hard to build bridges between generations of ravers and lend his support to the blossoming queer nightlife scene.




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DJ Dynamic grew up in a family with very little money. But DJing is expensive - and Dynamic could never have learned the trade without the kindness of friends and older generations of ravers.

That's why he's determined to pay it forward now. Dynamic is working to deliver an annual scholarship to youth in his community who have a passion for rave music and the art of DJing, to help them secure the equipment they need to achieve their full potential. If you're interested in supporting the scholarship fund, please contact him. If you're in need of DJ gear, event and audio gear, or other essentials to nightlife, please let him know!



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